George The Siamese Kitty

George is online

After buying my first ever pet recently, an extremely adorable Seal Point Siamese kitten named George, I have found new inspiration for my tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures (and now blog post). But do my friends and followers really want to hear about how little George missed the litter tray and peed on my sofa? Probably not…but what about the people that do want to share anything and everything about their pets?

I’m completely new to this pet ownership thing, so I thought I’d check out my “options” for pet social networks. This was instigated after finding a leaflet in my kitty care pack, promoting Pet Plans National Petrait Gallery. That looked like a good place to start…so I’ve already uploaded my favourite picture of George – check it out.

Next, I didn’t want to stray to far away from the realms of the known, so I installed the Catbook app on Facebook (this also comes in Dogbook variety) and to my surprise 10 of my friends use this, which did make me chuckle, especially when posed with ‘other cats you may know’. Unfortunately George is too young to leave the house and socialise with other cats, so doesn’t have any cat pals to add at the moment.

Time to move on and I am completely overwhelmed with the shear number of sites Google throws up! Do I want a generic pet site or a cat specific site or could I annoy some horse lovers and set up my kitten’s profile on the pony only pages of Space for Horses? Better still a YouTube style website dedicated to animals! I was bamboozled to say the least, but after a bit of sifting through, here are my top 3:

A super pawsome community and shopping site made exclusively for pets, by pets. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat, dog, fish or even a snake – this site caters for all animal lovers. Out of all the profile based sites out there, this is certainly the slickest with Facebook style profiles and links to Twitter. One feature that really caught my eye was Cutewars – the battle of the cutest pet, duals take place 24/7 and you can even win stuff! OK, so maybe that does sound a bit bizarre, but the online shopping definitely brings it back to earth.

As you’d expect- YouTube but animals only! Everyone loves a funny animal video. It was always the animals and kids that got you going on You’ve Been Framed- here you’ll find all those animals in one place. Search by dogs or cats individually, or go all out with the ‘funny video a day’ feature by signing up to the newsletter. Don’t forget to upload your own pet videos and share the fun. Check out the ‘Do cats have thumbs’ video, it’s super cute!

Romeo the Cat
Technically this isn’t a network to join, but a blog is social media at it’s best. This blog follows the life of a cat called Romeo who was adopted from an animal rescue centre and now raises money to help other animals find new homes too. Each month, Romeo asks the public to send in their pet pics and stories along with $1, for the FURPOWER Donation Challenge. An animal welfare charity is then selected to receive the money raised. Check out the 10 Things section – and send in your own so people can get to know your kitty.

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I hope that you find this list useful! I’d love to hear back from you about your favourite social pet sites and experiences.


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