Promoted tweets hit the UK

Twitter BirdThis week, Twitter have announced that within the next month they will finally roll out promoted tweets to the UK, after the feature has been successfully trialled in the United States over the summer.

So what can British tweeters expect from the change and what exactly is a promoted tweet?


Promoted Tweets

  • Tweets paid for by advertisers to spark engagement from their existing followers
  • Clearly labelled as promoted
  • Retain all the functionality of regular tweets: users can mark as favourite, reply to and retweet
  • Will be fed organically into users’ news feeds (providing you follow the brands)
  • Can be found at the top of relevant search results pages on
  • They can be found in the advertisers’ timelines
  • In some instances, can also be visible within a users timeline if they follow the brand

As someone who works in advertising I can clearly see the worth of this feature to brands as well the huge revenue-making opportunity for Twitter. This form of advertising has the potential to gain such a high reach for brands and engagement figures from promoted tweets in the US prove that this is an effective form of communication with customers:

  • almost 25% of Americans have seen a promoted tweet relevant to them
  • over 21% of Americans have obtained a discount via promoted tweet
  • an additional 21% have found out about a new brand through a Twitter promotion

So how will the UK Twitter community respond to the changes? It’s hard to say at this stage as we are already used to seeing advertising within the channel through promoted trends. Promoted tweets will only come from the brands that we follow, so who’s tweets we already see. However, with promoted tweets remaining sticky at the top of news feeds and appearing in users timelines, there may be some hostility amongst users.

Personally I am excited about the introduction of promoted tweets and looked forward to being exposed to this. As long as promoted tweets are carefully targeted (i.e. only being pushed to me by the brands that I follow), have a degree of relevancy and provide added value (such as discounts) it will certainly encourage more engagement from me and a bit of brand advocacy by retweet.

If you are interested in finding out more about promoted tweets, trends and accounts, then check out the features section at


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