Beyoncé breaks Twitter Record

Beyonce at the VMA'sEarlier this week my colleagues and I were discussing new advertising opportunities that are emerging through the integration of social media into traditional marketing channels. One stat that amazed us was the staggering 59% of people that consume television and the Internet simultaneously (Neilson, 2011). This led us nicely onto our daily dose of celebrity gossip, and that fact that Beyoncé had announced her pregnancy at last Sunday night’s MTV video music awards and how it got people tweeting.

After Beyoncé’s performance of the track Love On Top, the star turned to the side and rubbed her tummy, showing off her baby bump and announcing to the world that she is expecting. Moments after Twitter came to life, peaking at 8,868 tweets per second after the news broke!

In June this year, Twitter announced that users are sending 200 million tweets per day, up 48% on the previous year. There have been so many other events this year that have sparked peaks in Twitter activity from the arrival of New Years Day with almost 7,000 tweets per second, around 4,000 tweets per second during the TV coverage of the Royal Wedding in April and over 5,000 tweets per second as news spread about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Through promoted tweets, advertisers are now given an exciting opportunity to reach a wide audience. However these tweets need to be relevant, newsworthy, interesting and pushed at keys times in order to be successful. Advertisers have already seen engagement rates of up to 52% thanks to VW’s well-timed promoted tweet to coincide with the unveiling of the new Beetle during the Super Bowl.

Imagine if Clearblue had been given a heads up about Beyoncé at the VMA’s!


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