If there is a football game on television I tend to steer clear of Twitter. I don’t know who the players are, the managers or the ref, therefore I don’t understand the trending topics in my right hand panel. It’s even worse when Manchester United are playing- I follow three passionate fans and I get a blow-by-blow account of the match streaming live into my news feed. I have been known on an occasion to complain to my followees, telling them to pipe down.

Amex Stadium

Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for the large community of ambidextrous tweeters with computer on lap sat in front of the TV at full volume. You can often find me LOLing at something hilarious on the latest reality TV show, or trying to prove my intellect during Monday night’s episode of Horizon. But the football…I just didn’t get it…that was until last Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending my first live football match since the birth of social media and smartphones. Thanks to Designate (the lovely Advertising Agency that I work for) I had seats to see Brighton and Hove Albion play Blackpool at the new Amex Stadium. As soon as I took my seat my phone magically appeared into my hand. The first thing I did was check-in with Facebook, then I ‘liked’ the Amex Stadium, then I tagged the people I was with. That was fun! And I felt completely satisfied that all my friends on Facebook would know that I was at a football game.

Now what? Go to Hipstamatic app and begin taking pictures of the fancy new stadium until it dawned on me that I was there for the football match. So I watched, and I really got into it. 30 minutes in and Brighton score a goal! It was so exciting and there it was “I must tweet about this” and tweet I did. The joy of a Brighton goal, my despair when Blackpool scored, not only did I become so passionate about the game, but I thrived on the need to deliver real-time news about it.

I say real-time news, but the fact that my iPhone 3G is on its last legs means EML real-time was on a 5 minute delay.

And then came the replies to my tweets, my followers were actually enjoying these little tweetball bursts. This was great! Post-match I got the opportunity to hang out in the 1901 suite due to Designate’s fancy passes. This was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the match and finish my commentary with a mirco match review. But it was not to be, as my 3G connection was cut short- no signal.

At this point I burst out with “this is rubbish, I can’t even tweet in here!” I believe football may have created an obsessive, anal, tweeting monster of me!

I now understand the passion for the game and the sheer excitement experienced when your team is playing. With that, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to @sameelea, @J0hnRussell and @jamesh_jh7 – I was wrong and I will no longer complain.

Oh and if you we’re wondering, the result was Brighton 2 – 2 Blackpool.



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