RT – it’s official

dictionaryThis week, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary launched their 12th edition. The social media fans among us will be pleased to see ‘retweet’ amid other techno-inspired words are included in it’s 400 new additions.

Pronunciation: /riːˈtwiːt/
verb [with object]
(on the social networking service Twitter) repost or forward (a message posted by another user): tweet the URL of your posting: people love to retweet job ads
a reposted or forwarded message on Twitter: traffic spiked quickly and contained a mix of retweets and original posts

The publication has been defining the English language for 100 years since the first edition in 1911.  As our Millennial Generation evolves now is the time to redefine and social media has played an influence in the new meanings of some words for the centenary edition:

  • Follower:  someone who is tracking a particular person, group, etc. on a social networking site
  • Friend: a contact on a social networking website

Other new words to make the cut include: Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘mankini’, fashions answer to the jean-legging combo ‘jeggings’ and one made infamous by all those naughty married celebrity/footballer types; ‘sexting’.

In a blog post, Angus Stevenson, (editor of the new Concise Oxford English Dictionary) said:  “These additions are just carrying on the tradition of a dictionary that has always sought to be progressive and up to date.”

He speaks true to the nature of the English language; there are always new words developing through cultural influence, fashion and technology.  In ten years time we’ll no doubt see 100’s of new words creep into the COED…I’m rallying for OMG, what about you?

Read Angus Stevenson’s blog


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